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Papia family
Giuseppe Papia with his wife Natalie and children Salvatore, Alessandra and Gianfranco.

It is my pleasure to welcome and introduce Dr. Giuseppe Papia who joined the Division of Vascular Surgery beginning on April 1st 2009. Giuseppe is appointed at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to the combined Division of Vascular and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Giuseppe began his undergraduate training at the University of Toronto during which time he was a faculty scholar. Subsequently he pursued undergraduate medical education at the University of Ottawa and completed his General Surgery training at U of T. During this training he spent two years as a Surgeon Scientist in the Clinical Investigator program in the lab of Ori Rotstein, studying molecular mechanisms of lung injury following resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock. He completed his Masters of Science from the Institute of Medical Science before returning to complete his General Surgical fellowship. Giuseppe then completed two further Royal College fellowships in Critical Care Medicine and Vascular Surgery. Thus he brings unique training and skills to his clinical care. Giuseppe sought further advanced training in both endovascular AAA repair and endovascular interventions for arterial occlusive disease. He completed a three month fellowship in Endovascular intervention at the Cleveland Clinic before returning to Sunnybrook Health Science Centre to begin his academic career.

Giuseppe's academic interests focus on patient safety and quality improvement. He is enrolled in the Patient Safety Officer Executive Development Program at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. The IHI is a world leader in the area of healthcare improvement. This program is a comprehensive curriculum that trains clinicians how to run a successful hospital patient safety program. Giuseppe is cross-appointed to the Department of Critical Care Medicine where he will attend as an intensivist in all of Sunnybrook's Critical Care Units. He will serve as the physician lead for the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit in addition to providing clinical care for all aspects of vascular practice.

Giuseppe and his wife Natalie have a busy home life with three children, Salvatore (6), Gianfranco (4), and Alessandra (4). Natalie is the President of Zilli Home interiors, in Vaughan. The Division of Vascular Surgery is pleased to welcome Dr. Papia and his family to the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto.

Thomas Lindsay
Professor and Chair, Division of Vascular Surgery

Markus Selzner
Markus Selzner

The Division of General Surgery and the Solid Organ Transplant Programme are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Markus Selzner to our Faculty at the University Health Network, and as Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, at the University of Toronto.

Markus joins us as an Abdominal Transplant Surgeon Scientist with a laboratory research commitment, focusing on organ preservation and rehabilitation and the mechanisms of ischemia-reperfusion injury to the liver. He is already well known as a strong clinician and productive scientist. Markus obtained his education in medicine and training in General Surgery in Germany. He conducted post-graduate research at Duke University and Zurich University under the mentorship of Professor Pierre-Alain Clavien. He completed a Fellowship in Abdominal Organ Transplantation at the University of Toronto in 2007 and has worked as a Clinical Associate in Transplantation at UHN for the past two years. We anticipate and look forward to Markus's great contributions to our Divisions.

We warmly welcome Markus, his spouse, Dr. Nazia Selzner, and their children, Armin and Celia, to our General Surgery and Transplant families at UHN and U of T.

Lorne E. Rotstein
Professor and Peter A. Crossgrove Chair in General Surgery

David R. Grant
Professor and Surgical Director, Multi-Organ Transplant Programme, UHN

It is my pleasure to welcome and introduce Dr. Leonard Tse who joined the Division of Vascular Surgery at Toronto General Hospital/University Health Network beginning October 1st 2008.

Leonard Tse
Leonard Tse

Leonard began his undergraduate training at the University of British Columbia and transferred to the University of Toronto where he completed his undergraduate medical education. Following his General Surgery training at U of T, he completed his Vascular Surgery training at McGill University. Leonard began his clinical practice at the University of Calgary in 2004. Shortly after starting he became the Vascular Surgery Program Director, which was a significant challenge as the Royal College was in the process of withdrawing certification of the training program. Leonard was able to retain this certification with a determined effort.

Leonard's research interests were in the development of in vivo fenestrated grafts that could be used off-the-shelf to repair complex throacoabdominal and peri renal aortic aneurysms. Additional skills and engineering knowledge were required to achieve this goal. Leonard was recruited to the Division of Vascular Surgery at UHN with an initial two year Masters of Applied Science degree program in the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomechanical Engineering under the supervision of Cristina Amon. He has already succeeded in attracting a University of Toronto Fellowship from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, a Barbara and Frank Milligan Graduate Fellowship and a NSERC CGS-M Award. With one year of his Master's degree already behind him, his own research project is underway.

His thesis project is titled "Computational fluid dynamics of advanced and unconventional stent graft configurations in endovascular aneurysm repair." He has also focused his engineering education on the other major aspects that pertain to stent-grafts. For the stents, he has focused on solid mechanics and metal fatigue. For the grafts, he has enrolled as a distance graduate student at the North Carolina State University College for studies in the damage tolerance, tearing and crack propagation properties of fabrics. For the biomaterial interaction component, he has focused on the local biologic response to implanted materials. After his M.A.Sc. program, he plans to continue collaborating with the engineering community on the U of T campus. He hopes to leverage his unique position as a vascular surgeon with formal graduate engineering education to translate novel medical device designs and engineering to clinical application.

Leonard and his wife Mira have a busy home life with three young children, Kaitlyn (4), Megan (2) and Abigail (3 months). The Division of Vascular Surgery is pleased to welcome Dr. Tse and his family to the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto.

Thomas Lindsay
Professor and Chair, Division of Vascular Surgery

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