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Nancy Baxter (GenSurg) received both national and international media coverage for her study on the impact of sleep deprivation on surgeon performance. Dr. Baxter served as the Senior Responsible Author for this study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The primary author was Anand Govindarajan.
CBC article
Globe and Mail article

Michael Cusimano’s (NeurSurg) work on pediatric head injuries related to falling television sets is featured in a CBC News article.

Michael Cusimano’s comments on the inaccuracies in the James Bond film Spectre, originally published in Nature, are featured in a Yahoo! News article

Scientist Karen Davis (NeurSurg) uses imaging techniques to chart the brain’s pain map:
UHN article

R.S. McLaughlin Chairman of Surgery James Rutka highlights Andres Lozano’s (NeurSurg) work on deep brain stimulation for Alzheimer’s disease as one of the top medical advances of the year in an article in the Toronto Star.

Todd Mainprize (NeurSurg) and team members have been able to open the Blood-Brain Barrier Non-Invasively With Focused Ultrasound in a patient with a brain tumour. Please see the following press briefings
The Globe and Mail
Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Michael Taylor’s (NeurSurg) research on the treatment of medulloblastomas with drugs is featured in a Metro News article.

Mitch Brown (PlasSurg) was featured in the Rapport 2015 Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry newsletter.

Joan Lipa (PlasSurg) and Glyka Martou participated in the inspirational Sunnybrook Health Science Centre campaign for breast reconstruction awareness in the Pink Glove Dance video. Fat Boy Slim’s got nothing on these moves:

TGH performs world-first triple transplant of double lungs, liver & pancreas:
Congratulations to Tom Waddell & Mark Cattral (ThorSurg) and teams for successful life-saving triple transplant surgery:
CBC article

Dean Elterman (UrolSurg), Vivek Rao (CardSurg) , Joan Murphy have been featured in the current CBC documentary “Keeping Canada Alive”:

A great story featuring Thomas Lindsay (VascSurg), Greg Borschel and Kristen Davidge (PlasSurg) as part of the reconstructive team that involved a multi-disciplinary team in saving young Augusta’s leg after a terrible boat accident. Great example of innovation and surgical teamwork!
CTV News Toronto
CTV News Calgary
National Post

A surgeon-scientist-in-training, Trisha Roy (VascSurg) explains her exciting vascular & imaging research:
Sunnybrook article

Naylor Report
The statling and insigtful report by former Dean and Presindent Emeritus David Naylor was released by the government after the Friday afternoon deadline to minimize its impact. It will reward careful reading:
Unleashing Innovation: Excellent Healthcare for Canada [PDF]

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