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Leadership Day

Surgical Leadership Day will take place Friday, April 24, 2009 at the Vaughan Estate from 9 am to 430 pm. The program will include faculty from the Rotman School of Management and Harvard University. Please contact your University Division Chair or Surgeon-in-Chief to apply. Recommended applicants should register with martin.mckneally@utoronto.ca and julie.roorda@utoronto.ca.


"Leadership Lessons from Shakespeare" Jim Fisher will present a framework for blending management, leadership, and engagement of your followers, using examples that range from Shakespeare to his personal leadership journey in business.

"The Responsibility Matrix Revisited" Brendan Calder will lead an interactive conversation about the application of the responsibility matrix to the leadership problems faced by surgeons.

"Managing Expectations and Competition in Senior Leadership Teams" Miles Shore will analyze examples from the US political arena and recent research studies on high performance teams.

"Larry King Interviews Bryce Taylor" Joe D'Cruz will help Bryce to reflect on the lessons he has learned from his recent experiences as Surgeon in Chief.

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