High Stakes Surgical Decisions and Unwanted Care:

The Balfour Lecture in Surgical Ethics

University of Wisconsin vascular surgeon, Gretchen Schwarze, presented an excellent example of empirical ethics at the 2nd Annual Balfour Lecture in Surgical Ethics. Dr. Schwarze gave us a tool that will enable elderly patients and their families to make well informed decisions about complex surgical care and its consequences.

Although the three designated academic position descriptions the Department of Surgery has had for its full -time faculty for years encompass and represent the roles surgeons play in the Department of Surgery, the evolution of a number of new interests amongst faculty members make these three designations seem insufficient. We have added pathways in Global Surgery and Surgical Ethics.
This column describes some of the work of our surgeon-ethicists, to give readers a sense of where this new path can lead.
Dr. James T. Rutka successfully completed the external review of his five-year term as Chair of the Department of Surgery in October 2015.
Honoring the legacy of Bill Bigelow, this year’s Bigelow Lecturer Dr. Joseph Woo presented an illustrated the northern constellation of cardiothoracic surgical stars trained in Toronto, followed by a southern constellation of surgeons trained by Norman Shumway at Stanford.
As the lights came on, the past chief of pediatric surgery at the Hospital for Sick Children Jacob Langer hit the stage to roaring applause to debut his original album “Return.”
Dr. F Griffith “Griff” Pearson, a legendary leader in thoracic surgery, was an innovative thinker who instilled in all his students the belief that hard work, a scientific approach, and perseverance can solve the toughest challenges in medicine, as proven by his life and work.
Glen Van Arsdell has been appointed as Chair of the Division of Cardiac Surgery

Todd Mainprize has been appointed as Division Head, Neurosurgery at Sunnybrook

David Latter has been appointed Director, MD Admissions and Student Finances in Undergraduate Medical Education
Cindi Morshead (Anat) received the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in the Life Sciences 2015-2016 Award

Tirone David (CardSurg) is the 2016 recipient of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery Scientific Achievement Award

Christoph Haller (fellow, CardSurg) received the Zane Cohen Clinical Fellowship Achievement Award

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