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Robert Cusimano (CardSurg) and Shaf Keshavjee (ThoraSurg) were featured in the Toronto Star

Robert Cusimano
Robert Cusimano

Robert Cusimano (CardSurg) was featured in the Financial Post




Nancy Baxter
Nancy Baxter

Nancy Baxter (GenSurg) received both national and international media coverage for her study on the mortality rate of cancer patients after organ transplants. Dr. Baxter served as the Senior Responsible Author for this study, which was published in JAMA Oncology. The primary author was Sergio A. Acuna; other authors included: Kimberly A. Fernandes, Corinne Daly, Lisa K. Hicks, Rinku Sutradhar, and Joseph Kim.

The citation for the article is as follows: Acuna SA, Fernandes KA, Daly C, Hicks LK, Sutradhar R, Kim J, Baxter NN. Cancer Mortality among Recipients of Solid Organ Transplant in Ontario. JAMA Oncology. 2016 Apr;2(4):463-469
Link to JAMA
Link to Globe and Mail
Link to United Press International

Ori Rotstein (GenSurg) was featured in the Globe and Mail in an article regarding St. Mike’s and Ryerson now working together on research projects.
Link to Globe and Mail

Michael Cusimano
Michael Cusimano

Health Canal reports on Michael Cusimano’s (NeurSurg) lecture on brain injuries in hockey, which he delivered at the 2016 Visiting Professor in Injury Prevention Symposium.
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Peter Dirks (NeurSsurg) was highlighted in the Globe and Mail for his receipt of a $11.9 Stand up to Cancer Grant Research Award
Link to Globe and Mail

Additional coverage of Peter Dirk’s Stand Up To Cancer grant can be found in the Toronto Star. The article also features comments from Dr. Michael Taylor.
Link to Toronto Star

Nir Lipsman (NeurSurg) was featured by the CBC August 2016 in an article “No scalpel, no drill: Medical procedure to treat uncontrollable hand tremor a 'game changer'”
Link to CBC - Health

Charles Tator
(NeurSurg) was featured in the Globe and Mail, April 1, 2016

Sportsnet conducted an interview with Charles Tator about his work on sports-related concussions.

Michael Tymianski
and Mark Bernstein (NeurSurg) discuss their role in performing surgeries on a young stroke patient - and the ethics of such procedures in the face of poor prognosis - in an interactive piece by the CBC.

Global Health

Oleh Antonyshyn (PlasSurg) and his team were featured on CTV on W5. For two years, military conflict has raged in Eastern Ukraine, killing approximately 8,000 soldiers and wounding some 17,000 more on both sides of the struggle. Premiering Saturday, Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, CTV GO, and CTVNews.ca, W5, Canada’s #1 investigative documentary series, delivers an emotional and uplifting look at a group of volunteer Canadian doctors on a unique medical mission. W5 documents Canadian medical team on unique medical mission at Ukraine Military Hospital.

For a wonderful example of the work that Oleh and his team have been doing for the past two years, check out the Toronto Star article.

Steven McCabe
(PlasSurg) and a multi-disciplinary team successfully completed Canada’s first transplant of the upper limb.
Link to CBC
Link to National Post
Link to Toronto Star

Continuing in the theme of global outreach, Toni Zhong (PlasSurg) was featured in the Toronto Star recently for her work in Bangladesh as part of a German-based charity Women for Women that operates from a floating hospital ship. Toni has been involved with this charity for some time and is a wonderful ambassador for demonstrating the depth and breadth of our specialty and the ability to adapt surgical skills and techniques to areas that she normally would not see in her breast reconstructive practice at UHN.
Link to Toronto Star

Andras Kapus
and Katalin Szaszl (Res) are co-authors on a recent paper in Nature Communications.
Speight P, Kofler M, Szaszl K, Kapus A. Context-dependent switch in chemo/mechanotransduction via multilevel crosstalk among cytoskeleton-regulated MRTF and TAZ and TGFβ-regulated Smad3. Nature Communications. 18 May 2016; 7:11642.

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